Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Gingham Grasshopper: Personalized jewelry for Mom & Baby

My grandmother has sent me personalized bracelets from Brazil for every one of my girls. It's such a precious keepsake and I love them. They are gorgeous (not that I let any of my kids ever wear them) and they remind me of her. Everytime I look at them, it makes me smile. I thought it was a treat only us brazilians has access to. Oh, was I ever so wrong! I found The Gingham Grasshopper and was amazed at the variety and cuteness of their products. I was also very impressed with the target public, everyone's included. There's something for Grandma, Mom, Baby, Kids and even Attorneys!

But, what I really want to highlight today is their Baby Bracelets. I am in love with the heart Diamong Girl bracelet and the Silver and Silk Bracelets. It's such a great gift and keepsake. And most of all, it comes with a special pouch to help protect it.

I also love their Christening Gifts. They offer rings, neclaces and bracelets. Check them out..!

If you are looking for a special gift, the personalized jewelry from The Gingham Grasshopper is what you need.

Check them out by clicking here. And tell them Camila from Bonita Boutique sent you!