Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Baby Skater Shoes!!!!

We've been on the lookout for some cool, edgy shoes for a long time. This was an awesome find!!! Bonita Boutique is now a proud retailer of Sweet Shoes Baby Skater Shoes.

When we received these skater shoes, we were amazed by their quality and design. If you have a baby that is learning how to walk, these are a must for you. They will go with almost everything in their wardrobe AND they are very safe for babies that are learning how to walk.

This is why we think that these Baby Skater Shoes are ideal for you:

1 - It's important that the shoes have rubber grips on the sole. These grips look like mini "cleats". I have seen some that look like the rubber is just printed onto the fabric. Those types are less effective and are not made for outdoor use.

2 - These skater shoes are not only for looks. They are made for indoor and outdoor use. You will notice that most are not made for outdoor use, that's because they look more like crib shoes. It is essential that your child learns to walk in all surfaces, inside and outside the house, in shoes that are comfortable to them.

3 - Sweet Shoes Skater shoes will match the majority of the clothes your baby owns. They will be wearing these shoes until they feel confident enough to walk in any shoe. In a nut shell, they will be wearing their "walking shoes" for a long time and therefore, need to go with the clothes they have. You can buy 2 or 3 pairs of the same brand in different colors if that helps.

4 - Sweet Shoes Baby Skater Shoes are high quality shoe, even if that means you are spending a little bit more. It's worth it! Your child will be wearing those shoes for a long time and if you buy a cheaper shoe, they will not last long and you will find yourself shoe shopping sooner than you would like.

Check them out here......

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